Our Ambassadors.

Our wonderful Volunteer Ambassadors are an important and valued part of Kintsugi Hope, and we are so grateful that they contribute in many vital ways.

Our Ambassadors are based all around the UK, and as we continue to grow and support churches in responding to the increasing need for connection and relationship, they help us stay connected to our local church partners and group leaders. They also help introduce the vision and mission of Kintsugi Hope to churches and organisations in their community who may not yet have discovered how Kintsugi Hope may be able to support them.

If you are a Group Leader and would be interested in finding out more about becoming a Volunteer Ambassador, please email Lynette Brooks (lynette.brooks@kintsugihope.com) and she can answer any questions and tell you more about joining us and supporting us in this way.

South West

Headshot of Jean Allchorne

Jean Allchorne

Stoke Gifford & Bristol

About Jean Allchorne

Headshot of Trudy Warren

Trudy Warren


About Trudy Warren

Trudy and is a wife, mother and grandmother, as well as a retired practice nurse. She has been a Christian since age 26 and currently lives in Plymouth with her husband Steve – also a Kintsugi Hope Ambassador: they attend Plymouth Christian Centre. Trudy spends her retirement divided between time with family , ballroom and Latin dancing with her husband, a bit of Zumba and managing a small Tropic skincare business. She also loves film, theatre and books and travels abroad when she can.

Trudy became inspired to the role of Ambassador after seeing just how valuable the Kintsugi course was to the people who attended the first course run at our church and recognizing that there are likely many, many more individuals who would benefit hugely from it

Headshot of Stephen Warren

Stephen Warren


About Stephen Warren

One of 5 boys from a supportive Plymouth family, Stephen encountered the love of God at the age of 18, subsequently training in medicine & serving as a GP for many years. He loved being a family doctor, training medical students & teaching the history of medicine. Before retiring in 2020 he worked for the Royal Navy for nearly 3 years. He is married with 2 children & beloved grandchildren. He enjoys picture framing and baking bread. He has caught the vision that Kintsugi Hope Wellbeing Groups are an honest, inspired & professional way of helping so many with their mental health.

Headshot of Mandy Crotty

Mandy Crotty


About Mandy Crotty

Mandy is married with two adult children and has been attending Plymouth Christian Centre for the past 20 years. She has been involved in Women’s Ministry, Prayer Ministry and leading Community Groups.

Mandy was inspired by Patrick Regan’s honesty on his visit to Plymouth Christian Centre, particularly when he said, “It’s OK not to be OK”, which stirred her interest in Kintsugi Hope, motivating her to train to be a Wellbeing Group Leader and now taking it further by taking on an Ambassador role.

Headshot of Claire Hughes

Claire Hughes


About Claire Hughes

Claire lives in Caerphilly, is married to Kelvin, has four wonderful children and co leads Gateway Church Caerphilly. She loves being with people and biking, especially in the mountains.

Claire used to be a computer programmer but now works for the church, looking to share God's love with the community that she lives in. When she heard Patrick share his story and the work of Kintsugi Hope she knew God was calling their church to get involved and has had the privilege of running many courses and seeing people supported, loved and helped to step forwards in life.

Headshot of Heidi Humpage

Heidi Humpage


About Heidi Humpage

Heidi is a Bristol born South African who has mostly lived in Dorset, Somerset and Devon, as well as sizeable recent stints in Swaziland and Pretoria.

She has two jobs - one within the local council as Special Needs advisor and one within a local junior school as their Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo).

Heidi was part of the pilot Kintsugi Hope Well being groups pilot programme and has run face to face groups since then from her church, Yeovil Community Church.

She loves nothing better than a good chat over coffee and is interested in all things mental health and inclusion.

West Midlands

Headshot of Claire Bradshaw

Claire Bradshaw


About Claire Bradshaw

Claire has worked in administration, teaching and is now studying to become a speech and language therapist.

Hearing Patrick speak a few years ago brought her comfort and hope and also courage to talk to others about her own mental health. Claire ran her first Kintsugi Hope group in September 2020 - a fabulous experience that was emotional, encouraging, inspiring and draining - she can't wait to run others.

Claire lives in Coventry and has a husband and two teenage children. She is passionate about supporting people who are struggling with their mental health and wellbeing - continues to enjoy running both adult and youth courses.

Headshot of Dianne O'Leary

Dianne O'Leary


About Dianne O'Leary

Having spent many years in Further Education as a Communication Support Worker for Deaf people, Dianne now works alongside her husband in their local church, having numerous pastoral responsibilities.

Dianne described herself as ‘tenacious person' until she experienced incredible brokenness, weakness and vulnerability. With God's amazing love, mercy and grace and the wonderful support of her family and friends she was restored and filled with hope.

Her desire is to share the hope she received with others.

Dianne has been married to William (hubby) for 40+ years. They have five grown up children and eight grandchildren. Dianne loves photography and walking out with her husband and their dog 'Freddie'.

South East

Headshot of Belinda Grant

Belinda Grant

Milton Keynes

About Belinda Grant

After attending Cliff Bible College, I worked in the USA for three years as a children's Nanny. Most of my work life was spent in Music and publishing.

I am married to Ian, we have two adult children and a dog. Together we co-lead a Missional Community as part of our local Church.

I am passionate about helping people to know they are loved, accepted and valued for who they are. I believe giving hope to people and supporting connection is essential for us all to maintain good mental health and wellbeing'.

Headshot of Jo Topley

Jo Topley


About Jo Topley

Jo lives in Romsey, near to Southampton with my husband, 3 children and dog, where they have lived for 5 years, and before that lived in Tanzania for 10 years training rural health care workers. Jo’s background is in General nursing: she was a ward sister in Chichester for several years, and now works for Freedom Church running their Foodbank and helping in other community projects. Jo has run 3 Wellbeing groups and each time have had the privilege of journeying with people through the ups and downs of life. She is passionate about people discovering who they are and realising their potential, and loves the moments in a group setting when people learn to be ok and accept themselves for who they are.

Northern Ireland

Headshot of Sara Allen

Sara Allen

Northern Ireland

About Sara Allen

Sara Allen has joined us as a Kintsugi Ambassador in Northern Ireland and has real passion to connect with others and work together to enable people to find connection, hope and support in the areas of mental health. In her “day job” she is responsible for creating and communicating engaging, inspiring and informative content for all company messaging. She is the culture champion, constantly researching and delivering innovative ways to ensure that everyone on the team feels valued, connected and supported to be the best they can be. Sara is excited to be working with the Kintsugi Hope team to imagine what is possible in Northern Ireland.

East of England

Headshot of Tony Britten

Tony Britten

Felsted, Essex

About Tony Britten

Tony is a retired Police officer, a Police Chaplain, and a member of the Christian Police Association in UK and overseas. He has been in the leadership team of a church in Braintree for 20 years and leads a homeless charity in Braintree. Tony is passionate about showing Jesus’ love to the poor and those on the edge of society. He has grown up children and six grandchildren, enjoys tennis and sailing, and lives in Felsted with his wife.

Headshot of Mike & Anne Lees

Mike & Anne Lees


About Mike & Anne Lees

Mike and Anne have been married since 1994 and have two sons. Mike is an engineer who loves music and films and plays keyboards at church. Anne is a languages teacher, an avid reader and loves visiting Germany.

Their passion is to see people freed from things that hold them back and to be the person God made them to be. They are not afraid to be vulnerable and share their story of the challenges they’ve walked through if this helps others.

Mike and Anne love getting into the outdoors as a means of wellbeing, and enjoy long (and often muddy!) walks with their cocker spaniel.

East Midlands

Headshot of Fiona Monk

Fiona Monk


About Fiona Monk

Fiona has taught in the East Midlands for over 25 years with particular interest in children’s Personal, Social and Health Education. Recently, she decided to have a bit of a career change and is now a peer support worker with a local charity. This involves connecting people with the services and support to most effectively meet their needs. It is her firm belief that a healthy mind is one of the best things we have to offer but appreciates this can often feel like an enormous, ongoing, personal challenge. Through the ups and downs of life, she has learnt the importance of being honest with yourself and the immeasurable benefit of walking alongside others for mutual encouragement, support and inspiration. This is why she is an avid admirer & supporter of the Kintsugi Hope movement.


Headshot of Linda Fletcher

Linda Fletcher


About Linda Fletcher

Linda works part-time for the Church of England helping churches across Croydon and East Surrey develop their plans for the future.

She would love to see churches across her area running Kintsugi Hope Groups, having seen how much churches can help people with their mental health by holding space for them in a safe and loving environment. In her previous role as a Vicar in Swindon Linda supported group leaders in running a Kintsugi Wellbeing group, and everyone got so much out of it. Her other role is a Team Vicar in Warlingham where they are running Wellbeing Groups.

Linda is also a single-Mum to son Arun, has an elderly chocolate Labrador and has recently discovered the joys of gardening!