Kintsugi Hope Student Wellbeing Groups

A Kintsugi Hope Student Wellbeing Group is a safe space for students to gather together in a small group setting to have open and honest conversations around mental and emotional wellbeing through a facilitated peer mentoring style.

1 in 5

students had a current mental health diagnosis before COVID-19


of students say their mental health has deteriorated or been affected negatively by COVID-19


of students say they often or always feel lonely

Call to action

In January 2021, 'The Independent' released an article about some research carried out by The Princes Trust which found that one in four young people aged between 16-25 said they felt unable to cope with life since the start of the pandemic. Your university years are often referred to as potentially 'the best years of your life' but with lockdowns and isolating it has actually been a really hard time for students as they tackle the pressure of exams alongside feelings of loneliness and poor mental health. In 2017 every four days a student died by suicide; this needs to change. You can be part of the change.

These are the reasons we have set up Kintsugi Hope Student Wellbeing Groups for students to enable them to get together and to learn ways to look after their mental health. The groups are designed for students to do with their friends as well as something student/church workers can facilitate.

What is a Kintsugi Hope Student Wellbeing Group?

The groups are:

The Kintsugi Hope Student material has been adapted from the Youth & Adult version. We provide 4 core subjects for the first four weeks - Honesty, Anxiety, Depression & Perfectionism; then suggest the participants in the group choose the last two subjects out of the remaining 6 subjects which include - Shame, Anger, Disappointment & Loss, Forgiveness, Healthy Relationships, and Resilience.

The material is offered through a variety of learning styles from which you can ‘pick and mix’ what is most suitable for your group. We give you a wealth of resources to choose from, of which you may use only 20-30% of it, as you tailor/change it depending on your audience.

How do I set up a Kintsugi Hope Student Wellbeing Group?

To run a Group, your Church first needs to apply to become a Kintsugi Hope Church Partner (to ensure great safeguarding and for the group to be well-supported). Once this is in place, your Church can recommend as many people as they want to train to become Group Leaders and run a group.

Once the application process is complete, Group Leaders are required to compete Kintsugi Hope Student Wellbeing Group training. Previously training took place over 2 days in various locations across the country. Since the COVID-19 Government regulations around Social Distancing and Public Gatherings have been in place, Kintsugi Hope have moved all Group Leader training online.

Please refer to the Application website for further information.

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