Kintsugi Hope Projects.

Internationally, we are committed to working and supporting people whose mental and emotional health has been affected by conflict, trauma and poverty, particularly within the refugee community.

Trenchtown, Jamaica

Our first international project led us to visit a school called Operation Restoration situated in the heart of Trenchtown, Jamaica, where 90% of children are fatherless while also many of them motherless. The great majority of these children live in fear, hear gun shots every night, and many have suffered very serious neglect. The aim of our trip was to make a film highlighting the need for a Mental Health Counsellor for the school in order to bring direct support to those children who are struggling emotionally while also bringing relief to the headteacher whose role and capabilities to support and provide for his students adequately is being hampered and overstretched. We are currently fundraising for this post and welcome any donation towards this project.

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