“Kintsugi” is a Japanese technique for repairing pottery with seams of gold.  The word means “golden joinery” in Japanese. This repairs the brokenness in a way that makes the object more beautiful, and even more unique than it was prior to being broken.  Instead of hiding the scars it makes a feature of them.


Kintsugi Hope was founded by Diane and Patrick Regan OBE after a series of operations and events that took them to the brink physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  They faced illness and loss in their family and community.  They wrote a book and produced a DVD about their experiences. Through opening up about their struggles they realised how many people have felt alone in theirs and the great need for each of us to be vulnerable, open and honest when life is hard.  Only when this happens can healing start to take place.


  • Kintsugi Hope exists to create safe and supportive spaces for those experiencing mental and emotional health challenges.


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