In Bouncing Forwards, Patrick offers hope to those who are facing life’s battles such as mental or physical health challenges, bereavement, recovery from trauma or the loss of dreams, or recovery from trauma. Making peace with his own, ongoing anxiety that came from a period of intense physical, emotional and spiritual pain, Patrick is honest and vulnerable looking honestly and vulnerably at the temptation to wait for the day when all will be well whilst missing out on what’s happening in the here and now.

He looks at the nature of resilience, asking, is it possible to be OK even when life isn’t? Can we thrive, not just once we’ve come through adversity, but right there in the midst of it? Following on from Patrick’s best-selling book 'Honesty Over Silence', Bouncing Forward continues the difficult conversations that can be too scarce in church culture. He explores the power of acceptance, how we move through grief and trauma, the nature and benefits of being emotionally agile, finding meaning in hard times and learning how we grow when life is tough.

Many of us know all too well that when we’ve suffered we don’t simply ‘bounce back’; difficulties can leave us scarred and changed. But as we face our past and our present with courage and show ourselves kindness and compassion, we find that we can move forwards and discover the truth of God’s treasures in our darkness.


Resilience River

Watch our short animation film describing the Resilience River, produced by our friends at

Why not think about what brings your resilience levels up and down? Download the PDF by clicking on the image below and print it off, fill it in with a small group, family, friend or maybe your staff team?


Have you heard of the word Flawsome? It means an individual who embraces their flaws, and knows they are awesome regardless. You can download a printable PDF flawsome card here - why not print it off and write the reasons you are flawsome?

Bouncing Forward TV Series

Join Patrick Regan OBE and some amazing, inspiring guests for a 12 week series looking at resilience starting on the 22nd March 9.30pm
Freeview Channel 65 | Sky 528 | Watch online at TBN

The National Big Church Read

The Big Church Read is a group of churches, organisations and individuals committing to read through a chosen book together at a chosen time, meeting in small groups either in person or online to talk about what they’ve read.

Join people around the nation for the 4th National Big Church Read starting 8th Sept 2021. Each Wednesday morning for 10 weeks we will be releasing weekly exclusive content from Patrick Regan to enhance your reading experience. Get involved using the link below:

Online Talks

Kintsugi Hope have produced 6, fifteen minute talks available for churches to show on a Sunday morning or midweek meetings. They are on a private Youtube link, to get the link, please get in touch with

Beauty From Brokenness

Kindness to Others



Kindness to Ourselves

Gritty Gratitude