Headshot of Matthew Wright

Matthew Wright

Journalist and Presenter

Having seen what Patrick and his team at XLP have done for so many young people in London I was thrilled to hear his next project, Kintsugi Hope, will see him work with other age groups, adults, older people like me, who might be struggling with anything from anxiety to depression, to repair and rebuild in order to face the many challenges life throws at us.

Headshot of Headshot of Nicky and Pippa Gumbel

Nicky and Pippa Gumbel

Holy Trinity Brompton

Patrick and Diane Regan are Christian pioneers with an inspiring vision to bring hope to those going through tough times. I am delighted to commend the work they are doing with the Kintsugi Hope charity.

Headshot of Les Isaac

Les Isaac OBE

CEO, Honorary Ecumenical Canon, Southwark Cathedral

I've known Patrick and Diane for over 20 years they. have always been passionate about helping and supporting people. They have demonstrated that though the work of XLP and no doubt they will continue to demonstrate it through Kintsugi Hope.

Headshot of Dr Ruth Valerio

Dr Ruth Valerio

Global Advocacy & Influencing Director, Tearfund

All of us are broken and have fault lines running through us – some of them are just more visible than others. Broken relationships with our inner selves and within our wider society are integrally linked: as Pope Benedict XVI said, ‘the external deserts in the world are growing because the internal deserts have become so vast'. The ministry of Kintsugi Hope brings both inner and social transformation together – as have Diane and Patrick through their own life and work –, and I'm excited to see how Kintsugi Hope will develop and what changes it will inspire in our world.

Headshot of Nina Hossain

Nina Hossain

Broadcaster & Journalist, ITN

There has never been a better time, or a greater need for hope, and for supporting one another. Having worked closely with Patrick over many years, seeing how committed he is to anything and anyone he sees in need of help, I am excited about his new charity Kintsugi Hope. I can't wait to see what impact it will have on those of us who have faced battles with our emotional and mental health.

Headshot of Danielle Strickland

Danielle Strickland

Speaker, Author & Advocate

Patrick and Diane have their finger on the pulse of what's required in this time – hope! It's my privilege to recommend Kintsugi Hope as a community of transformation – Broken and whole. The beautiful gospel story.

Headshot of Dr Chi-Chi Obuaya

Dr Chi-Chi Obuaya

Consultant Psychiatrist and Director, Mind and Soul Foundation

Kintsugi Hope have put together a comprehensive,well researched and engaging mental health programme that will without doubt have a significant impact in this important and often misunderstood area

Headshot of Gavin Calver

Gavin Calver

Director of Mission, Evangelical Alliance

We are living in a broken society where many feel hopeless and aren't sure what to do, or where to turn. That's why I'm delighted that Patrick & Diane Regan are launching Kintsugi Hope. It's a vital ministry that's so desperately needed and will bring healing, restoration and hope to so many. Get behind this work in whatever way you possibly can, it's a ministry for our time.

Headshot of Rob Parsons

Rob Parsons OBE

Chairman, Care for the Family

Patrick and Diane Regan's track record speaks for itself. They have devoted their lives to seeking to transform the lives of some of the most broken and needy. Kintsugi Hope is their new venture. In a culture that often hides its scars it is encouraging to see a charity forming that is willing to address sensitive issues that need to be talked about in a way that is accessible. Bad things happen to good people and though we might never get to know all the reasons why, we can journey with people, share their pain, show compassion and help them realize they are not alone. I commend it to you.

Headshot of Pete Greig

Pete Greig

International Director 24-7 Prayer, Vice-President Tearfund, Senior Pastor Emmaus Rd, Guildford

Patrick Regan is one of the most remarkable and resilient leaders I know. After years at the sharp end of youth work, transforming countless lives, it's exciting to see this next chapter of his story unfolding. I have no doubt that Patrick will continue to make a profound difference in countless lives, and I commend Kintsugi Hope wholeheartedly.

Headshot of Reverend Will van der Hart

Reverend Will van der Hart

Pastoral Chaplain HTB London & Director of Mind and Soul

The Mind and Soul Foundation are delighted to celebrate the launch of Kintsugi Hope. It is a charity that connects deeply with people in their seasons of struggle. It encourages and does not condemn, and it offers hope when all hope seems to have gone. In a modern church where we have struggled to engage with lament in a meaningful way, Kintsugi Hope is providing an essential space to share story, offer compassion, engage theologically and wait patiently for the Lord. We thoroughly recommend it to you.

Headshot of Dr Tara Cutland Green

Dr Tara Cutland Green

Consultant Clinical Psychologist, CPsychol

I love what Kintsugi Hope is offering to an increasingly disconnected society. Kintsugi Hope's heart to enliven courage, hope and a spirit of coming alongside – with the important ingredients of authenticity and understanding – embodies Emmanuel, God with us. Kintsugi Hope is uniquely positioned to influence society at multiple levels, reaching those in need and equipping others to play their part in helping to bring support, healing and growth to struggling individuals and communities.

Headshot of Reverend Malcolm Duncan

Reverend Malcolm Duncan F.R.S.A

Lead Pastor, Gold Hill Baptist Church

Patrick and Diane Regan have navigated the straits of suffering with grit, honesty and grace. They have faced profound challenges and uncertainties, and in many ways still do, with a beautiful combination of faith, vulnerability and hope. Their journey has helped others in beautiful ways. They carry these threads of gold into this new venture. As they launch Kintsugi Hope I believe that the layers of genuine faith they have had to dig into will be mined for others too. Life is never straightforward, but it is often beautiful. Patrick and Diane help us see that in the most breath-taking ways.

Headshot of Rt Hon. Sir Simon Hughes

Rt Hon. Sir Simon Hughes

former MP and Justice Minister

Look up the meaning of the Japanese word ‘Kintsugi', and you find ‘golden joinery', ‘golden repair', ‘the art of precious scars' or ‘recognizing beauty in broken things'. Patrick and Diane Regan are now putting their huge and varied life experience in many different communities and with many different people into a new venture. They feel called inside and outside the church to show people how repairing broken lives, broken bodies and broken minds does not require people to hide that something was broken. In these days of increasing stress and pressure and expectation, particularly on the young, the new charity Kintsugi Hope is being launched to reach as many people as possible. Kintsugi Hope has been launched to teach people that putting broken human pieces together can create beautiful futures and put an end to damaged pasts.

Headshot of Charles Whitehead

Charles Whitehead KSG, Leader in Catholic Charismatic Renewal

CEO, Honorary Ecumenical Canon, Southwark Cathedral

I recently learned from Patrick Regan about the background to Kintsugi Hope, and it's aims and vision for growth and the way ahead. This work of service is so much needed at every level of today's society, bringing help, healing and hope to all of us in our times of difficulties and need. I will be delighted to commend the work of this charity to all my contacts in the Church.